Holiday gift giving just got easier!  Cocktail kits are now available.

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A classic mule prepared with the highest quality ingredients in a copper mug never disappoints. This delicious and fresh blend is a true crowd pleaser. Your kit includes: Copper Rose, 750ml Fever-Tree Ginger Bottles, 2...


This thoughtfully curated kit includes everything you need to create the classic espresso martini. Your kit includes: Copper Rose Vodka, 750ml Kahlua Coffee Liquor, 375ml Balzac’s Organic Espresso Blend Ground Coffee, 300g Perth Chocolate Works...


A Caesar has never looked so good! Premium Caesar essentials are united to build the ultimate Canadian cocktail. Your kit includes: Copper Rose Vodka, 750ml Walter’s Craft Caesar Mix Haloheats Spicy Red Pepper Sauce Matt...


Copper Rose Vodka is a premium quality vodka hand crafted with Canadian rye and distilled 12 times for a silky, smooth finish.  With its velvety texture, enjoy neat or with your favourite cocktail.  

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